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Annual Meet and Greet

MeetnGreetEach school year Country Isles has a “Meet and Greet”. The purpose of this event is to give students and parents a chance to personally meet their teacher for the upcoming school year.

This year’s annual meet and greet has been planned for
August 15, 2014 from 8:30 to 9:30 am.

This event is not an open house and there is no need to stay for the entire session. The Meet and Greet’s purpose is to informally meet this year’s teacher, see the classroom and its location, pick up a supplies list, and get any other relative information for the first day. A more formal open house will be scheduled for the beginning of the school year where curriculum and classroom policies and procedures will be discussed in detail.

It is our hope that coming in prior to the start of school will help to relieve any anxiety one might feel toward the first day.

Our teachers are eager to meet you and we look forward to your visit on August 15th!


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Summer Academic Challenge

Summer vacation is upon us! Your child has been working throughout the year to build their reading and math skills. It is important that we continue to strengthen these skills throughout the summer. Research shows that children experience a “summer slump” if they do not engage in educational activities during the summer months.

This summer, our school will be encouraging every student to participate in our Summer Academic Challenge. We are encouraging all students to read and engage in educational activities.

To meet the challenge, Kindergarten through Grade 2 students are required to read 25 picture books. Kindergarten children may have the books read to them. Students in Grades 3 and 4 are required to read six chapter books (at their independent level). Students will also follow a summer calendar to complete their Summer Academic Journal.

Click here for K-2 resources

Click here for 3-5 resources

These resources guide the Summer Academic Journal sent home with your child. Students will use their journal to record the books they have read. After they have recorded the title of the book on the log, they should respond in their journal at least twice a week. Included in this journal is an activity calendar. These activities may be used for your responses. Students are encouraged to read more than the required amount, as they will be able to include their readings in Scholastic’s challenge. Reading a variety of genre’ is encouraged.

It is crucial to maintaining achievement that we have our students engage in academic activities each day. Daily practice builds on prior knowledge. Attempting to complete all activities in August will not support your child in strengthening and maintaining skills already learned.

Country Isles is also participating in the Scholastic Read for the World Record program. Broward County students will compete with students around the globe to read the most minutes and earn a spot in the Scholastic World Record Book. Our active participation in reading last summer earned us first place in the elementary school category. Please remember to log in and record your minutes each day.

*Students who meet the Summer Academic Challenge will be recognized when we return to school in the fall. They will be invited to our sports carnival. Students are asked to return their journals in August for verification.

To meet the Summer Academic Challenge students must remember to:

  • 1) Complete their reading log.
  • 2) Respond in their journal.
  • 3) Enter their minutes in Scholastic's Read for the World Record
  • 4) Complete i-Ready sessions as indicated in their calendar. Note: I-Ready will be available until August 8, 2014.

Have a wonderful summer!